In addition to the core program, the CSP offers a supplemental Employment Support Program focused on skill acquisition in preparation of future employment opportunities. The curriculum for this program follows four goals: self-awareness, self-exploration, self-development, and self-expansion.

The Employment Support Program (ESP) is a supplemental offering to the main, or core, CSP, that provides University-based employment support. The ESP is an optional, but highly encouraged additional program to the main CSP. Those enrolled in the ESP will have opportunities to explore and define necessary skills to prepare for the end of their journey as an undergraduate student, as well as seek out new experiences and connections to kick-start their post-graduate career. Please note: enrollment in the ESP does not guarantee employment.

The ESP offers the following supports in preparation for entering the workplace:

  • Self-awareness and self-improvement
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Resume/CV development
  • Developing online profiles
  • Disclosure rights
  • Disability/Advocacy in the workplace
  • How to handle stress
  • Interview skills
  • Gathering references
  • Career/Company exploration
  • Networking
  • Identifying inclusive companies
  • Preparing/Submitting applications
  • Requesting job accommodations
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Soft skills (e.g., clear communication, listening skills)
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Organizational skills
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork
  • Workplace presentation skills
  • Work-life balance
  • Well-being in the workplace
  • Budgeting/Financial planning
  • Development of post-graduation plans
  • Navigating life after college
  • External supports that are available

Students will begin with self-awareness, such as self-advocacy, appropriate disclosure, and development of personal skills, communication (including presenting and working in a team), professionalism, flexibility (handling change), and work-life balance.

Continuous encouragement will be provided as students gather references; track outreach to professors, advisors, deans, and alumni; search career paths; and develop career exploration plans. The students enrolled in the ESP will learn at their own pace. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in career readiness meetings with an individual employment coordinator in which they will search for, apply for, and maintain a job or internship on-campus, contingent on them accepting support from CSP staff. Additionally, practical knowledge in budgeting and financial literacy and planning will be of focus for life after CSP.

CSP ESP Diagram


Program Requirements*

  • Third-year student or above
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Must be a core CSP student prior to enrollment
  • Prior demonstration of independence in most aspects of self-help, communication, and community navigation as determined by CSP Coordinator

*Program requirements are subject to change based on the CSP Program Coordinator’s discretion; admission may be granted on a case-by-case basis.


  • Core CSP: $3,500 per semester/$7,000 per academic year (a minimum one year commitment)
  • Supplemental ESP: $1,500 per semester/$3,000 per academic year
  • Total: $5,000 per semester/$10,000 per academic year
Academic Year
  Fall Semester Spring Semester Total Cost
Core CSP  $3,500 $3,500 $7,000
Supplemental ESP $1,500 $1,500 $3,000
CSP + ESP $5,000 $5,000 $10,000

Contact Information

Ian Bober MS, BCBA
Program Coordinator, College Support Program
Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services
Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology