Perspectives on Autism in Adulthood is a 10-week seminar led Dr. Vanessa Bal and Dr. Christopher Manente, encouraging first-year students to better understand how individuals with autism navigate adulthood as they age out of the education system. 

Perspectives on Autism in Adulthood

Byrne Seminar

Each year, Rutgers University offers first-year undergraduate students an exclusive opportunity to explore a topic or field of interest through what is known as a Byrne Seminar – a 10-week course taught by distinguished faculty from the University.  Dr. Vanessa Bal, Karmazin and Lillard Chair in Adult Autism and Director of the RCAAS-PSC, and Dr. Christopher Manente, Executive Director of the RCAAS, instruct a Byrne Seminar entitled, Perspectives on Autism in Adulthood, enlightening students about autism in one’s adult life, a period which is often overlooked for those with ASD. After a series of discussions and presentations from Dr. Bal, Dr. Manente, and expert guest lecturers, the students were asked to share the most impactful things they learned throughout the course. Watch their insightful responses in the video below!

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