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The RCAAS-Intensive Outpatient Clinic (IOC) exists to help change the way that clinicians, medical doctors, and law enforcement collaborate to ensure that adults with autism and a history of potentially dangerous, severe, challenging behavior can be a part of their communities in a safe, inclusive way. Currently, the majority of these individuals and their families have nowhere to turn for assistance. 

We are committed to supporting this largely underserved population in desperate need of high quality treatment through the innovative IOC Program. The IOC has been designed as a community-based resource for adults with autism that have complex, crisis-level behavioral support needs beyond what can be met at other existing treatment settings throughout the state. The RCAAS is working hard to advocate for greater awareness and to drive legislative reform for more funding/resources for the impacted individuals and their families. Please join us!

How the IOC operates:

  1. Treatment provided via the IOC includes comprehensive behavioral/medical evaluation aimed at documenting the existence and underlying cause(s) of any behavioral challenges that patients may be experiencing
  2. Information collected from the evaluation phase of treatment is then used to develop and implement effective intervention informed by the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  3. Once the effectiveness of an intervention package has been demonstrated within the IOC, individual patients will be encouraged to gradually spend more time in less intrusive community-based environments, ultimately resulting in a return to fully integrated community-based support