Does the IOC provide transportation services?

The IOC does not provide transportation for patients; prospective patients must have a means of transportation in order to be accepted into the program. 

Does the IOC provide housing?

The IOC is a community-based supports program; therefore, it does not provide housing/residential services for patients.

Are all services in-person?

Yes, all services provided by the IOC are conducted in-person. If you are traveling from a far distance, daily travel, or a temporary stay close to the RCAAS Community Center in New Brunswick, NJ will be necessary. If more information is required, please email

What does the referral process look like?

The process begins with the completion of a referral form, which can be found here, sent to For a complete overview of the referral process, please visit our referral page

How long is the waitlist?

In the likely event that an immediate admission cannot occur, appropriate referrals are placed on the IOC’s waitlist. A multitude of factors affect the movement of a potential patient from the waitlist to the intake process, so the length of waitlist cannot be definitively determined.

How much does the IOC cost?

The RCAAS is an approved provider through the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (NJDDD) and Medicaid; the IOC also accepts funding through private health insurance or alternate sources of funding. For specific questions regarding cost, please email