The Intensive Outpatient Clinic (IOC) serves adults aged 21 and older diagnosed with autism or a related disorder with a history of severe challenging behavior. Some examples may include self-injury, aggression, and property destruction.

All assessments and treatments utilized in the IOC are evidence-based and rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS). The IOC admission process includes six steps including:

  • In-depth clinical and behavioral assessments
  • The development and evaluation of comprehensive treatment packages designed to both decrease dangerous behavior and increase adaptive behavior and skills
  • Generalization of the treatment package to ensure continued success after discharge
  • Ongoing training and consultation with caregivers and community partners during follow-up appointments

At full capacity, the IOC serves 2-3 clinic-based patients and 2-3 community-based patients at a time. In line with our treatment approach, initial assessments and treatment evaluations are typically conducted at the clinic. After identifying an effective treatment, generalization evaluations, caregiver training, and follow-up appointments can be conducted in the community.

Admissions Progression