How does the PSC collaborate with the RCAAS-SCALE and -CSP units?

The PSC conducts evaluations of prospective participants of the SCALE and CSP who progress to the advanced stages of the application process to inform fit for the respective programs.

As part of the RCAAS' mission, all prospective participants are given the opportunity to provide consent for information from these evaluations to be stored in Dr. Bal's LifeSPAN ASD Lab databank for research purposes. Information will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of certain SCALE and CSP components, as well as inform broader understanding of autism in adulthood.

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Is there a fee for the PSC's services?

The services offered by the PSC do require payment. Assessment fees are fixed, based on assessment type. Individual and group therapy are charged on a per-session basis, on a sliding scale.

When do individual and group-based treatments begin? What is the process timeline?

If a therapist/group is available that may be an appropriate fit for the client's needs, a 1-2 session intake will be scheduled with a clinician. THe intake will obtain important information to inform fit for the PSC services and (if appropriate) creation of a treatment plan. A treatment plan outlines therapy goals, approaches, and approximate timelines. 

After the client and therapist agree on a treatment plan, treatment will begin. Schedules are determined based on client-therapist availability. In the case of groups, all group members and therapists will be taken into consideration. 

Both individual and group therapy are generally offered on a short-term basis. The specific timing varies depending on treatment goals and individual needs, but typically spans 12 to 20 weeks.

Where will PSC services take place?

Locations for services will vary depending on multiple factors, such as group size (for group-based treatments), necessary amenities/resources, etc. When actively participating in services provided by the PSC, individuals may find themselves at one of the locations below:

Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services- Douglass Campus
100 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

LifeSPAN ASD Research Lab - Busch Campus
Nelson Building
604 Allison Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854

What is the difference between the PSC and the LifeSPAN ASD Research Lab?

The LifeSPAN ASD Lab is a program that conducts research studies. While the information obtained from research is hoped to benefit individuals through advancing scientific knowledge and informing best clinical practices, research participants may not directly benefit from participating. Notably, at times, the LifeSPAN ASD Research Lab conducts studies that offer clinical assessments and/or treatment. These are often offered for free, as part of the research study; however, the assessments and/or treatments follow a specific study protocol.       

Dr. Bal’s clinical practice informs her research and research informs her clinical practice. As Director of both PSC and LifeSPAN ASD Lab, there are several important ways in which they overlap: 

  1. PSC clients will be given the opportunity to sign a consent so that the information collected during their services can later be used for research purposes.
  2. Individuals seeking PSC services will be told about research opportunities that may be relevant to their reason for referral.
  3. Research study participants will be told about PSC services that may be relevant to their personal needs.