"The RCAAS has provided our son, Frankie, with job training, employment, and social growth opportunities on a welcoming college campus. Our family is blessed to be involved in such a groundbreaking program that will enrich our son’s life while creating the model to help future generations of adults on the spectrum. We are confident that the Center will provide Frankie the opportunity to reach his full potential.” 
– John Vaccaro, Parent of SCALE Participant and President of Bettaway Supply Chain Services, RCAAS-SCALE Employment Partner


Supporting Community Access through Leisure and Employment (SCALE) is the RCAAS' flagship day services program led by Director, James Maraventano, EdD, BCBA-D, that focuses on supporting success in all aspects of adult life, such as employment, transportation, and relationships. Current SCALE Program participants typically work up to five days per week in a variety of volunteer, part-time, and full-time jobs, on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus and surrounding areas. SCALE is a life-long, year-round program and provides adults aged 21+ with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with supports that occur primarily in community-based settings.


The SCALE Program offers:

  • Behavioral supports
  • Career planning
  • Community-based supports
  • Community inclusion services
  • Individual supports
  • Prevocational training
  • Supported employment



All aspects of each participant’s schedule, instructional programming, and staffing are customized to meet their specific needs moment-to-moment and day-to-day. Our clinical team will assess the skills a participant already possesses to identify the most efficient route for furthering autonomy. As particular support needs wane or present themselves, the individual participant's program can either be scaled up to increase the level of assistance to promote their success, or scaled back to facilitate their independence.


We would like to invite those who are interested in learning more about SCALE to join one of our upcoming tour sessions at our community center.

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