There are many challenges that new and returning college students face. Often, social and peer-related forms of support can serve as a buffer against the normal stressors students may experience. Therefore, the CSP operates a Peer Mentor program to support enrolled RU undergraduate students on the autism spectrum.

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CSP Peer Mentors are trained neurotypical undergraduates who engage with CSP students, staff, and other Peer Mentors regularly. They are a critical part of our program. Click here to watch our video and learn more about being a CSP Peer Mentor!

The CSP areas of focus are to:

  • Ease the student's transition to college life
  • Assist students in becoming more independent, confident individuals
  • Facilitate the development of a social support system, communication and independent living skills
  • Decrease isolation/separation in a university environment
  • Provide useful and immediate feedback leading to improvements in personal relationships

A CSP Peer Mentor's role is:

  • Provide support
  • Be a good role model - socially and academically
  • Be patient and consistent
  • Praise students' efforts and good performance
  • Meet weekly with student(s) and stay in touch via phone and email
  • Maintain regular contact with the CSP Coordinators
  • Attend a mandatory monthly training meeting (may be held virtually or in-person)
  • Complete and submit weekly reports to the CSP Coordinators, recording activities and hours spent with student-match(es)
  • Attend at least one mandatory CSP social event/month (may include being a virtual host)

Optional/When appropriate, assists with:

  • Academic development 
  • Sharing critical knowledge/personal experiences 
  • Contacting campus clubs/programs, facilities, services 
  • Participating in introductory sessions for new/prospective students and families
  • Speaking about the CSP at  presentations to Campus Partners

For additional information or questions not addressed here or in our FAQs, please email our CSP Peer Mentor Executive Board at


Zully Delgado, Graduate Student Coordinator, majoring in social work, Class of 2023:

“My time at CSP as a Graduate Student Coordinator was rewarding. I reflect back on not only the relationships with my students, but also the educational experience I received from the CSP team. With their help, I was able to guide my students and empower them to align their actions with their goals.”