The SCALE Program advances research in the field of adult autism, which is underrepresented in scholarly literature. Research outcomes inform service provision to best prepare SCALE participants to lead independent lives. Our service team is comprised of a breadth of dedicated experts, including GSAPP faculty, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), and direct support professionals. To learn more about the expertise that our team offers to the SCALE Program, please visit the FAQs tab for a detailed overview of their roles.

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In addition to our research mission, the SCALE Program fosters training opportunities for future professionals across a multitude of disciplines. The goal is to provide training for Rutgers students specifically focused on serving this underserved population through field experience, internship/externship, practica, and employment.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Our SCALE team employs ABA, which is the application of behavioral science to improve socially important behavior. To learn more about ABA and its application in practice, we invite you to read Volume Two, Issue One of On the Specrum in Adulthood: Conceptions and Perceptions of ABA.

Rutgers-GSAPP offers a variety of paths for graduate students to become highly skilled behavior analysts. Detailed information can be found here!