SCALE aims to create mutually beneficial relationships for both its participants and our potential employers. The technique we use to allow our participants to test drive environments and tasks in a safe space is called Job Sampling.

Job Sampling is the opportunity to show employers what our participants can do! With each of our Employment Partners, participants typically meet at the potential employment facility and, under the supervision of our trained Behavior Technicians and Job Coaches, learn about the position and what is required of it. SCALE participants then sample the role, performing tasks as a volunteer with the company to demonstrate their capabilities. This is also an opportunity for the employer to see what needs to be adapted at a facility in order to become more accessible and neurodiverse. If it is a good fit where both the participant feels comfortable and confident, and the employer knows they would be a good addition to the staff, participants may be offered a paid position.

Individuals at SCALE are employed at a number of Rutgers-NB and local establishments.

  • Rutgers Dining Services eateries, a necessary staple for University students, have and continue to be an invaluable employment partner. Our participants operate in many roles throughout several dining establishments such as, Henry’s Diner, Red Pine Pizza, Harvest Café, and the Neilson and Busch Dining Halls.
  • Some of our participants are employed at Rutgers Mail Services – a division of Rutgers University's Institutional Planning and Operations (IP&O).
  • The Rutgers University Golf Course also provides employment opportunities for our SCALE participants, proving once again how IP&O has been such a valued employment partner.
  • Rutgers Recreation is another employer of SCALE participants. This is a great opportunity for individuals to become more integrated into the Rutgers community, as they have the chance to regularly interact with Recreation visitors.
  • R-U Rah Rah! Rutgers Football is another valued partner, welcoming the us into the Big 10 athletic family.
  • Participants also have the opportunity to be employed off-campus, such as at Capacity LLC. Employment opportunities at Capacity LLC offer participants hands-on experience in the logistics and supply chain industry.
  • In light of COVID-19 and the subsequent university closure, we were fortunate to partner with Bettaway Supply Chain Services/Logistics, located in South Plainfield, NJ. Our participants work in a variety of capacities in their warehouse. We are extremely grateful to Bettaway for this opportunity for our participants to continue to be productive during quarantine!
  • Strengthening local ties, the RCAAS has welcomed Thomas Sweet of New Brunswick, an off-campus favorite, to our employer network.
  • Volunteer positions at the Rutgers University Libraries provide paricipants with the chance to organize the libraries' resources, processing returned books and restocking shelves.
  • In addition, SCALE participants are honing their leisure and vocational skills (making them more employable!) at another valued, collaborative Rutgers partner, Makerspace, an innovative new department within the Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies (DoCS).
  • Participants are currently volunteering and training for employment positions with another DoCS division, the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center. We are extememly grateful for and excited about the many opportunities the Inn provides!

We are always open to new opportunities that help expand our mission and foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Interested in becoming an Employment Partner with SCALE? Email us at