What is SCALE?

The Supporting Community Access through Leisure and Employment (SCALE) program is a unit within the RCAAS that provides community-based supports to adults age 21+ on the autism spectrum. These supports include, but are not limited to, prevocational training, supported employment, behavioral supports, and employment opportunities on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus and in the local community. This program operates year-round, which is unique from school programs that operate on a ten-month schedule. Please click here to view our RCAAS-SCALE calendar.

What is the difference between SCALE and the RCAAS?

When the RCAAS first opened, it was essentially SCALE. However, the RCAAS now encompasses four distinct, yet collaborative units: SCALE, College Support Program (CSP), Psychological Services Clinic (PSC), and Intensive Outpatient Clinic (IOC). The SCALE Program is the RCAAS' flagship day services program that focuses on supporting success in all aspects of adult life, such as employment, transportation, and relationships. 

The SCALE Program is strongly dedicated to the research mission of GSAPP and the greater Rutgers University. As such, the SCALE Program conducts research to identify and/or establish evidence-based practices specifically meant to improve outcomes for adults on the autism spectrum in the realms of independent living, employment, navigating their community, and more.

What are the roles of the SCALE staff?

Under the supervision of our seasoned Behavior Analysts (BA), Behavior Technicians (BT) and Job Coaches (JC) are trained staff of the RCAAS who assist with skill acquisiton and the navigation of career goals for the adults with ASD that we support. The individualized programs of SCALE participants are managed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The BCBAs conduct all relevant behavioral, skill acquisition, and vocational assessments to create a well-rounded and individualized program that targets outcomes of independence in adulthood. The BCBAs also supervise Behavior Technicians (BT) and Job Coaches (JC) – trained staff of the RCAAS who assist with the implementation of the goals outlined in the participant's program – ultimately leading towards successful community-based employment, recreation, and social outcomes. Our Behavior Technicians are full-time RCAAS staff, while our Job Coaches are part-time. These professionals monitor and guide participants through their tasks on job sites and complete assessments of the participant(s) they are paired with at the end of each day, reviewing notes to best formulate unique and tailored methods of intervention for improving job and social skills.

Meet the RCAAS-SCALE staff here!

What is Job Sampling?

Job Sampling is the opportunity to show employers what our participants can do! SCALE participants test out, or "sample," roles within the facility of an employment partner, performing tasks to demonstrate their abilities and see if it is a good fit for both the participant and employer. Click here for more information!

What are some places where SCALE participants have worked?

We value our existing relationships with current employers where SCALE participants work. Some examples include Rutgers Dining Services, Mail Services, Rutgers University Golf Course, Rutgers Recreation, and a few off-campus partners. We are always looking to collaborate with more organizations and grow our employer network.

Click here for a full list of our Employment Partners and for more information!

Do you provide housing and/or transportation for participants?

SCALE is a community-based supports program. We do not provide housing/residential services or transportation for our participants. Applicants must have a means of transportation in order to be accepted into the program. Information for mass transit and Rutgers' proprietary bus system can be accessed here.

The RCAAS Community Center is accessible to participants and all of the Rutgers community during hours of operation in accordance with University guidelines. It is equipped with washer/dryer units, showers, a commercial kitchen, and more to better prepare participants for independent living and the workforce.

What does the application process look like?

The process begins with an online application, and progresses to in-person assessments and interviews with candidates (and caregivers) who advance to the next round. Our application portal is open for a two-week period once each year. For this year's admissions cycle, the online application portal was open from June 21st to July 6th.

SCALE admissions criteria includes but is not limited to:

For a complete overview and application process breakdown, visit our SCALE Admissions page.

When does the application cycle start?

SCALE typically opens up its application portal for a two-week period each year. Application submissions are only accepted during this period. Applicants must have a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and be at least 21 years of age at the start of the program. Please visit our SCALE Admissions page for more information and like us on Facebook for frequent updates!

Do participants ever age out of the program?

SCALE provides life-long services and supports to accepted participants. However, they are free to step away from or leave the program voluntarily at any point in time.

How much does the SCALE Program cost?

The RCAAS-SCALE Program is an approved provider through the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (NJDDD), Medicaid, and the New Jersey Division of Vocational and Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). For specific questions regarding cost, please email scale-info@rcaas.rutgers.edu.

What is the difference between the SCALE Program and the College Support Program (CSP)?

SCALE focuses on supporting success in all aspects of adult life, such as employment, transportation, and relationships. SCALE is a life-long, year-round program and provides adults aged 21+ with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with supports that occur primarily in community-based settings. The College Support Program supports Rutgers University students on the autism spectrum as they begin, continue, and prepare to graduate from the University. The CSP currently serves matriculated full-and part-time undergraduate students on the New Brunswick-Piscataway campus only.