Involvement in the ESP typically spans over a two-year, four semester period. Each semester, students will develop new goals set by the outcomes of previous semesters. Please note: the ESP curriculum is a tailored support program that can be modified based on each individual student.

Junior Year

Students’ junior year is pivotal; it requires that students begin to hone and expand the skills they have been developing during their first two years at the University and within CSP. Students will use their abilities to engage in effective communication as they begin to demonstrate their competency within the social environment. Junior year includes specific goals that require an expression of understanding in such areas as articulation, knowledge of their disability, the decision-making process in reference to disclosure of their disability, and ownership of personal skills, interests, and values.

Goals: Self-Awareness and Self-Exploration

Particular emphasis will be placed on awareness and understanding of their role within society and how to present their strengths within differing environments. Content on advocacy, self-awareness, personal skills, and value in identity will be addressed. Information, presentations, and workshops will be included to offer significant self-growth.

Students will develop refined interviewing skills, gather references and employment materials, and envision possible career paths. Students will participate in mock interviews with a qualified Career Services professional to gain insight into how they can effectively communicate their education/work experience, qualifications, and goals/interests. Having efficient interviewing skills will yield a multitude of opportunities that will aid in future action of applying for jobs and furthering education. Support will be provided as students begin to brainstorm and track connections to use as references. Assessments will be reviewed for a deeper understanding of shifted personal interests and areas that call for improvement.


Senior Year

Students will be supported as they navigate the process of applying for jobs/internships. Learned skills from the previous year, such as exploration of strengths and interests, refining effective interview techniques, and developing a career exploration plan, will be used in reaching out to employers.

Goals: Self-Development and Self-Expansion

Students will grasp an understanding of the importance of an inclusive work environment and the value of being part of a healthy employment community. They will learn to efficiently research companies, eliminating those whose goals do not align with their own. Simultaneously, they will begin to network with professors, deans, advisors, alumni, and other contacts outside of Rutgers. Outreach attempts will be tracked for the purpose of aligning the students’ exploration plans with actions taken. Additionally, students will become aware of job search tools (e.g., Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, SourceAbled™ and Handshake), and will attend career/internship fairs.

Students will prepare to close out their undergraduate career with necessary life skills in order to fully benefit from their chosen career paths. Refreshing interview skills will act as maintenance for learned skills from past semesters and will contribute to the development of social skills in the workplace. Special instruction will be provided for professionalism (in appearance and behavior), flexibility (handling change in the workplace), and public speaking (presenting ideas in a workplace setting). Additionally, attention will be given to efficient teamwork and organizational skills. It is anticipated that organizational skills will act as the foundation for building a balance between personal life and work/continued education. In establishing a life balance, emphasis will be placed on personal well-being, and budgeting and financial literacy/planning.

Students will have the freedom to participate in a career readiness group, where they will be supported in searching for, applying for, and maintaining a part-time job or internship on campus. Participation in the career readiness group will be contingent on students accepting support from CSP staff; they will still have access to overall ESP instruction.