"More and more companies are looking to hire our high-achieving students, knowing that they are not only getting the best education here at Rutgers, but that they are now getting the training and support needed to become the best employees they can be."

- Courtney Butler, M.S., BCBA

There are three main steps to the ESP process.


Acting as a liaison to Rutgers Career Exploration and Success (CES), we provide individualized support for students seeking meaningful vocational experiences at Rutgers. The RCAAS has a wide-ranging network of existing relationships with potential employers throughout Rutgers University. The CSP will conduct an initial comprehensive evaluation to determine the best match within this network, based on the individual strengths and interests of the student. Once an appropriate employment pathway is determined, the CSP will facilitate a placement that matches the skill set of that particular student. Before their first day, CSP staff will help students learn how to self-monitor and evaluate their job performance to track progress throughout employment.


Job placements are tailored to the needs of each individual student. Selection of employers is based on the company's current efforts to maintain an inclusive environment. Once students begin employment, CSP staff will provide job supports, including an assessment of job performance, immediate feedback, and evaluations. The CSP staff will act as a liaison between the student and the employer while helping to navigate any difficulties that may arise. This gradual integration process allows for students to feel comfortable while adapting to the social culture of the workplace.

Monitoring progress

As students adapt to the workplace and acclimates to the employment site, assistance may be gradually faded to foster independence. Continued support is available as needed while establishing novel job tasks and responsibilities. The student’s progress will be monitored over time through self-evaluations and feedback received from employers and CSP staff. The goal is to determine the appropriate levels of support needed to ultimately promote full independence at work. If it is determined there is a need for greater support, the CSP will act as a liaison to the NJ Division of Vocational and Rehabilitative Services (DVRS) and its employment providers to help students gain additional services to facilitate their continued success.